All Points Meetings and Incentives



APMI has developed a winning formula for success, your success. The APMI team has provided meeting planning and incentive services to many of the most influential global brands, delivering value to their clients and laying the groundwork for a sustainable, win-win partnership.

The key to APMI principle is in the development of a clear, unambiguous value proposition for the client.  With APMI there is never any question as to why the client has chosen the APMI team. Ideas are developed, project plans are created, timelines are kept, budgets are met, and clients are satisfied.

The value APMI provides clients focuses within two key areas: the ROI APMI delivers, as well as the wealth of knowledge and experience APMI personnel bring to each client event. There are direct economic advantages gained with APMI supporting the hard-hitting negotiations with vendors to secure favorable pricing and terms, providing direct economic value. The depth and breadth of APMI industry experience ensures the event is conducted according to plan; from the welcome reception, through each event or activity, until the final attendee has departed.

As with any business, APMI operates within business environment experiences that involve constant change. Assisting clients with surfacing market trends, advising clients of new opportunities, and most importantly providing APMI clients with greater value APMI has established an Executive Advisory Board. These industry and business professionals share with APMI personnel their wealth of experience and insight, enabling APMI to continuously evolve and enhance its customer centric, and win-win business model.