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Incentive Programs

Within every organization, there are personnel who are top performers, standouts from the crowd, delivering extra value to the business. Exceptional sales people, engineers developing tomorrows products, marketing personnel developing new markets, executive assistants burning the midnight oil all going beyond the norm, benefiting the company.  Rewarding, acknowledging, and motivating these personnel is what APMI will help you accomplish.

There are many ways to reward these top performers but there is no better way than through an incentive program. Incentive programs are more than compensation; they provide a tangible way for the organization to visually reward superior performers.

APMI specializes in the development, planning, and execution of employee incentive programs. These programs are more than trips to far off lands with white sandy beaches. APMI events become highlights in an employee’s career, a constant reminder of the rewards of dedication and commitment to team, company, and self. The power of an incentive program reaches beyond the participants, for when the recipients return the sharing of memories, motivates others to strive for personal and professional success.

The incentive events developed and conducted by APMI offer a broad spectrum of activities, designed to align with the client’s culture and brand. Usually the recipients are welcomed at a reception event, kicking-off the incentive program. As the program unfolds, the recipients are treated to excursions such as zip-line tours, local shopping trips, jungle hikes, snorkeling, seaside bike rides, helicopter tours, cultural expeditions, as well as many other activities the local environment offers. As the sun sets and the stars rise, awards dinners and themed entertainment take the recipients well into the evening.

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